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My Worse Films of 2016

So these following films weren't only disappointing, these I consider to be downright awful and almost an insult to the keen viewer. Of course, this is only my opinion and I can appreciate some audiences might actually like the films below, what I can understand is the reason as to why. Starting at the highest and working to the worse, here's the bottom nine of 2016.

9. Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie

As much as I like Patsy and Eddie, this film did little for me, and haven't met many fans that enjoyed it also. It seems to fall fate to most TV comedy series that get the big picture treatment.

8. Bad Santa 2

There was a string of bad comedy sequels this year, Bad Neighbours 2 was one of them, but this was far worse. Unfortunately nowhere near as good as the first that just relied to heavily on a crude script.

7. X-Men: Apocalypse

I didn't have high hopes for this film and gladly so as this was a terrible and poor excuse of a Marvel movie. A totally misuse of some amazing characters and the action was worse than some TV movies. Proof big budgets can do it wrong, and so wrong at that.

Full Review Here: spoiler alert

6. Grimsby

The idea is actually good and some of the action is of good quality, but it unfortunately goes too far beyond to be funny. Just not my sense of humour any more. Real immaturity that's too crude to watch.

5. Mechanic: Resurrection

The previous one wasn't amazing but it wasn't as bad as this. But what really destroyed this film was the change and destruction of one of cinemas darker antiheroes making him all lovey-dovey. It's not a good movie, and it's certainly not the Mechanic.

4. Monster Trucks

I knew this was going to end up low on my list when I watched the trailers and the film really didn't impress me much. However, the children in the audience appeared to enjoy it and maybe, if I was their age I would have too. But I'm not.

3. Independence Day: Resurgence

The original kinda worked back then, being dazzled by the special effects and CGI but to then just inject this with some steroids and expect this to be an improvement is a mistake. I bet Will Smith is wearing a smirky grin having turned this film.

Full Review Here: spoiler alert

2. Zoolander No.2

Just sillier than the first and loaded with tonnes of cameos, so much so, Stiller and Wilson are just fillers for the ridiculous story. I know it sets out to be exactly that, but please, at least be a little funny.

1. Nine Lives

I think I lost one, maybe two, watching this pile of cat litter. It's terrible and such a shame to see Spacey and Walken do such a film. It's bad education, wrong messaging and not even good for children, totally missing their target audience.

Let me know if you agree or disagree with any of the mentioned films, eager to understand what makes these good. As you can see Suicide Squad isn't on this list as it wasn't all that bad, especially when comparing to these movies, however it did make my Most Disappointing Films of 2016 which you can read here. You can read the other end of the spectrum in my Top 40 of 2016 here

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