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10 Songs I Discovered Through Film

So, the lovely Sian from A Film Club blogs her "5 songs that remind her of Films" and asks the rest of us moviebloggers to follow suit. Being an avid soundtrack/score collector it's near-on impossible to pick just five, even ten! But! I can narrow down a list of sorts which has inspired me to start a new series for my blog, so, thank you Sian and here's my contribution of movie tracks I adore.

Now, this playlist is of artists I had not previously heard of until watching the film they feature in and possibly resulted in me sneakily shazaming from inside my pocket, IMDbing or worse, trawling through the end credits to get to the tracklisting, because we all know not all tracks are on IMDb or the soundtrack releases. So here are ten artists I'd not heard of, their songs and the film that got my attention. And yes, I'm singing along to these as I write this. For those of you on Spotify you can have the playlist here.

First up, The Gabe Dixon Band's "Find My Way" which was played during the opening credits to Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock Rom/Com, The Proposal. It's all about the piano, reminding me of Bruce Hornsby and The Range; I think if I could play one instrument it would be the piano. The three-piece band unfortunately split back in 2010 but Gabe Dixon continues as a solo artist, but this track is so catchy, it's hard not to like.

Now I can't remember which part of P.S. I Love You this song is played and I'm not gonna watch it all just to find out, could be the opening credits again though! NEEDTOBREATHE's "More Time" is an amazing track just like the rest of their "The Heat" album. This song alone had me getting all their albums all of which are amazing and I'm eager to see them live, though not big here in the U.K. It's likely I'll have to fly stateside to see them.

Nikka Costa's track, "Push & Pull" plays during the end credits of Johnny Depp's drug drama Blow. It's a beautiful song and the lyrics hit a painful, yet truthful chord with myself. I'll just leave it at that.

This next band is a little more commercial now, and was probably quite well know in US when I first heard The National's "About Today" that plays right at the end and into the credits of Tom Hardy and Joel Egerton's MMA drama, Warrior. I love this song so much and can't help but feel emotional every time I hear it. It's a common one for my playlists that's for sure.

This isn't the only song of Alexi Murdoch's that's played in Sam Mende and Maya Rudolph's quirky drama, Away We Go. In fact, the soundtrack is very Murdoch heavy playing six tracks from two of his albums. "Orange Sky" is a favourite but it was "All My Days" that got my attention, with the guitar picking notes, it always makes me think of morning and brings me comfort. It's again played at the opening credits of Real Steel.

I really enjoyed Steve Carell and Ryan Gosling's Crazy, Stupid, Love and this next track was played at the conclusion of the film, however, the tune might suit the scene but I'm not sure the lyrics do. Middle East's "Blood" tells quite a story, and what it gives me is release.

Yet another quirky and lovable drama, The Way, Way Back about a boy spending his summer working at waterpark under the guidance of rebellious yet charming Sam Rockwell. It's a triumphant film about overcoming fears and Trampled By Turtles' "Alone" really reflects that. Another song that brings me comfort.

This next song is a little strange but the harmonic vocals had me. Played during a heartfelt scene with Steve Zahn and Jennifer Aniston in Management, The New Pornographers "Adventures In Solitude" was a perfect piece for the film. It just has that nice rhyme to it and I adore the overlapping vocals.

As you can see, or hear, most of these songs come from quirky dramas or rom/coms and this next song is no exception. Zach Braff's Garden State is one of my favourite quirky dramas, normally being the first on my quirky drama list. (Must do that now) Zach asked Natalie Portman's character what's she's listening to and she replies "The Shins, have you heard of them?" Well, no I hadn't until this scene, and such a pretty scene it is, that moment you share something like music and you acknowledge the other persons enjoyment. I immediately got their albums after hearing their "New Slang" watching this film.

High Fidelity is a personal favourite film for so many reasons, one being about music and compiling playlists, two, being used as the greatest complimentary reference for our off-licence/wine merchant and that's coming from one of the company directors who just so happens to also be a film buff and he would purposefully drop me off last at our shop so to hang out for a moment before returning home. That's what our store did, it wasn't a normal shop and people gravitated towards it and how he put it "it's like Empire Records and High Fidelity" and I'm quite proud of that. "I can't fire them. I hired these guys for three days a week and they just started showing up every day. That was four years ago." True story! Now, the third reason is this song, where Rob, played by John Cusack whispers into Dick's ear "I will now sell five copies of the free EPs by The Beta Band" and then plays the last few minutes of their track "Dry The Rain" which, infectiously gets people head bopping in agreement. It's a great song, and one I play a lot when reminiscing about retail days and bad days. It's a perfect track to end a tough day on.

So there's my ten tracks from artists I never heard of until the films. Hope you enjoyed and please let me know what artists you discovered through film. Next soundtrack post will be movie classics. Thanks for reading!

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