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Secret Cinema: Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back *SPOILER ALERT*

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… In a secret location in London, Fighter Pilot Bardan Cracken was called for duty by the rebel alliance. Joining many in an unknown adventure that would ensure, excitement, danger and an intimate screening of Empire Strikes Back.

After landing on Tatooine, the group of rebels wandered around Mos Eisley, speaking to traders and sourcing supplies. Sneaking under the watchful eye of the stormtroopers garrisoned there, they got a few cans of Engine oil in the cantina, witness Chewie grabbing a milkshake and then a fight broke out.

Back outside on the dusty streets we signalled R2 D2, who responded, flapping his components, he followed but was rudely interrupted by an angry Jawa. Yellow eyes beaming, waving his hands in disgust and cursing us in it's native tongue.

We soon disembarked Mos Eisely and unfortunately was captured by The Empire. Placed under imperial detention we were forced to march and get interrogated. Keeping our identity secret, we managed to search the Deathstar, got chased by a power droid, had a thermal detonator in the mess hall and a rave, before seeing the destruction of the Imperial Moon base.

Seriously, this is a must for all Star Wars fans of all ages. Should you get an opportunity like myself, I urge you strongly to go. Not wanting to give away too much, the detail and effort is out of this world, literally. It’s every CosPlayers dream and I spent a lot of the time gauping at the scenery and characters, Boba Fett, R2 and Chewbacca to name a few.

Should you go, I suggest lightweight clothing as you MUST go fancy dress as your assigned character. Make your own costume or pre order one from their site online; the better dressed get more interaction. It’s card only on every purchase; cantina, food and trader stalls accept no cash. Print out everything you need as your phone is switched off and vacuumed sealed.

May the force be with you… Always

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