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"Be More Bourne"

Modern spy movies owe a big thank you to the Bourne series. Giving the spy genre a complete fresh and upgraded taste, less the gadgets and fancy cars that MI: still use. However, there seems to be a hint of a comeback of tricks in the new Bond series that some might say make a Bond movie, I don't agree, keep the action rough, take out the oil slicks, laser watches and the poison ballpoint pen, keep it real. Bourne showed us how he used a biro in the first film, his killer inventory consisting of a book, a toaster and farmhouse shotgun. Bourne is a lethal MacGyver with a vehicle choice of a dated Mini Cooper and a beaten up Crosser.

Taken had fight scenes which was clearly an influenced piece, again, I reckon thanks to Bourne Identity. Filipino counter style fighting where there is no defence, only counter attack and forms the basis of Krav Maga. Talking about Bryan Mills, Liam Neeson now seems to be the predominate telephone tough guy, possibly going for Bacon's job as mobile advertising mascot. I would love to be Neeson for a day and just keep calling his agent quoting "I do have a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career."

Bond is now the refined but battled secret agent which still bares a sense of honour, chivalry and British proudness. Not forgetting his suave confident (polite word for cocky) sex appeal that always wins his way with the ladies, and take note; it's only in this recent series he actually wants a full time lover as oppose to Bond's string of girls. Could it be he's matured that much to want to hang his PPK on the mantelpiece and settle down only to be brought back out of early retirement to avenge his true love? Orphaned and employed by her majesty to do the necessary evil for the greater good with no family just M and expendable co-workers. He is, however smart enough to know his place in the world and regardless of orders, gets the job done.

Mills on the other hand, retired, divorced and being that overbearing parent that is almost enough to WANT to be kidnapped. Spends his time going to gigs baby-sitting celebs and having barbecues with his good Ol' team. I think his over worrying prayers got misinterpreted to a wish and his daughter inevitable gets kidnap to be sold on eBay. Ensue the Taken series. Daughter napped, wife napped, wife murdered. He's the uncle no one mentions in fear of being publicly related to him.

Then you have Ethan Hunt. Gadgets, fast cars, even faster bikes, adrenaline junkie occasional wearing a Hawaii shirt and someone else's face. He's a team player with a solo attitude and I can't help but think that where Bond and Bourne might use the more direct approach to breaching a security complex; sometimes blatantly walking in with an invitation. Hunt has to come up with the most difficult, dangerous way of breaking in. Where Bond and Bourne would just knock on your door, Hunt would bypass your sewage system, circumvent the garbage compactor and interrogate you while wearing your pet cat's face. Even Batman would just wait till night time and grab you then.

I am a fan of the M:I series, but what is becoming apparent, is all these rogue agencies that are trying to off these super spies. Mills was more of a personal motive; and Bourne, a terrible misunderstanding brought on by a flash of conscience and amnesia. Imagine being Clark Kent and completely forgetting you have super powers, and can speak fluent German. Bourne is purely survival, using all his instincts and brain-washed training to keep himself from getting assassinated.

Something else to note about these guys is their sense of dress. Bond being the sharp, suited and booted gentleman of style obviously influencing the recent Kingsmen. Mills donning the 'father on call' non offensive attire. Hunt sporting active gear and the occasional Hawaiian shirt where as Bourne wears what Bear Grylls would wear, true to the survivor form.

Bourne doesn't have a boss, no MI6, no IMF, only his former employers trying to kill him, no family, no friends apart from a little fling who gets a sniper bullet to the head in Supremacy. Bond appears to be going rogue and eliminating the hierarchy, Bourne just wants to be left alone though there is an impeding encounter with Renner's 'wasn't Bourne yesterday' Aaron Cross. Mills just wants his family left alone, by EVERYONE and Hunt seems to go looking for his next adrenaline rush; his latest one being attached to a Airbus A400M.

I like Craig as Bond and it would be a shame to see him actually hand in his resignation. It's not a racial thing but I don't agree with Bond going to Idris Elba. I'm looking forward to Spectre the Rogue Nation... Oh.. Getting confused.

But as I'm trying to point out, I honestly believe this new generation, breed of super spy secret agent came about when Bourne broke the mould with Identity. I now often refer to Bourne when encouraging people to use their inititive. "You like Bourne? Yes! Well, What would Bourne do? That forward thinking on your feet.

"Be more Bourne"

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