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Eddie The Eagle Review

Director: Dexter Fletcher

I haven't seen a good feel good movie in such a long time of this calibre, I'm thinking probably since the 80s when it was all the craze. But that's the thing, it's set in the 80s base loosely on the story of Eddie 'The Eagle' Edwards. I say loosely as it unfortunately, it's reported to be about 10-15% true. It's so good you want it to be true. It captures the struggle, the courage and the eventual triumph of all those competitive movies of an era gone by. Is Eddie the Eagle Britain's real Rocky Balboa? I was pleasantly surprised multiple times with this movie; I was as first dismissive when I first saw the trailer but by the end of it, I was intrigued to watch the film to an excited level. Firstly starring Taron Egerton as the eagle famed for his previous teenage super spy in The Kingsmen. This young actor truly shows he has talent. Secondly, the empowering score by Matthew Margeson, resurrecting that classic Zimmer, 80s theme. I kept thinking Days Of Thunder with the running beats and chords and the scenes wouldn't have worked so amazingly well without it. This is the man who should be composing Ready Player One. (No offence John Williams). Lastly, Press Gang and Lock, Stock star, Dexter Fletcher at the helm. Not his directorial debut but nevertheless, an impressive film. The script is loaded with cliched inspiring speeches and lessons but don't let this put you off. Hugh Jackman plays a role similar to Real Steel and is good, however, there was a danger the film becoming more about him than the Eagle. And he's a fictional character. But Taron does great in keeping the attention focused on him. It's light hearted entertainment that'll soar for fans of the 80s feel good films. Fletcher does an amazing job of creating the tension, the comedy and the jumps themselves. Superbly edited and directed, who would have thought Ski jumping, like BobSleighing, could be so exciting and inspiring. (The Jamaican BobSleighing team, is mentioned, that's right, Cool Runnings) it's seems the 88' Winter Olympics was one of the greatest. Fletcher has done to Ski-Jumping what Avildsen did to Karate and boxing; what Tony Scott did to NASCAR. A slightly true but inspiring under dog story.

Running Time: 9

The Cast: 9

Performance: 9

Direction: 9

Story: 9

Script: 8

Creativity: 8

Soundtrack: 9

Job Description: 9

The Extra Bonus Point: 10 for Dexter Fltcher, Taron Egerton and for Matthew Margeson's awesome score.

89% 9/10

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