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Snatched Review

Director: Jonathan Levine

Anyone else watch Netflix's Special Correspondents last year? The one where Ricky Gervais and Eric Bana get kidnapped and held to ransom somewhere in South America. Well, this isn't so different. Apart from it being mother and daughter being the kidnapped hostages.

I really enjoyed Levine's 50/50 but that had a lot more to offer than just plain ol' comedy, which is pretty much all that this tries to give us. That's either with the legendary Goldie Hawn and comedy writer/actress Schumer who also co-produced this picture.

It's Hawn big return to the big screen since The Banger Sisters which was fifteen years ago and is reported to have been at the adamant request of Middleton, who threatened to quit filming if Hawn wasn't on board. Though it really isn't the great comeback that Hawn so deserves and it's an interesting retrospect on her career, having been what Schumer is today, starring in comedy classics like Private Benjamin, Wildcats and Overboard.

It's very focused on Schumer's character of a recently-dumped, self-obsessed and careless thirty-something woman who forces Hawn, her stereotypical, over-protective mother to join her on a non-refundable holiday to Ecuador. Hawn clearly taking shotgun, she gets just a little more than the rest of the supporting cast.

There wasn't enough screen time of the other characters like Sykes and Cusack; with Barinholtz actually providing most of the best comedy in the movie, playing the reclusive, hopeless brother that continually nags the authorities to rescue his family. Though, maybe there was enough and me wanting more is a good thing and if the 90minute runtime was fleshed out, it would fall off a cliff.

It's don't that funny, and as usual, some of the best bits are hinted at in the trailers. It's sadly not worth the cinema ticket and should have gone to Isle of Wight.

Running Time: 5

The Cast: 5

Performance: 6

Direction: 4

Story: 3

Script: 3

Creativity: 3

Soundtrack: 4

Job Description: 1

The Extra Bonus Point: 0

Would I buy the Blu-ray?: No.

34% 3/10

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