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Unforgettable Review

Director: Denise Di Nova

Now this is a feature debut for producer Denise Di Nova, who's produced a massive number of major blockbusters like Crazy, Stupid Love, Edward Scissorhands, Focus and a string of romantic dramas. So why now does she make an attempt to direct. Has it always been her goal or was she so won over by the script or screenplay she had to make it herself. I'm not clear of the motives behind the movie, it's just why now and why this film.

It's about Julia (Dawson) who marries a seemingly perfect man, too perfect in my opinion who looks like David Harbour's brother but with the voice of Edward Burns. There's a daughter from his previous marriage, but more importantly it's his psycho ex-wife that gives the film substance. With Heigl playing the part, that reminded me of a mixture of Kathleen Turner's role of War of The Roses and Serial Mom.

Obviously the ex-wife isn't prepare to let go of her husband just yet and her domineering nature really comes to light as the film develops. This unfortunately makes the story very predictable with the inevitable competitiveness between the two women. Each time, the situations going from bad to worse.

The performances aren't bad from both leading ladies, but there's not much they could do with the characters they're given. But really, Heigl steals the show but only because her character has more dynamics, even though the story tries to flesh out Julia's with some dark past herself.

Soundtrack is good but doesn't gel as it should with the film, great choices of tracks which I want to listen to again, but it just doesn't fit right; right songs just out of sync. Almost like it's been influenced by 50 Shades. Not a bad score from Toby Chu but nothing memorable

It's nothing more than mediocre, and probably belongs back in the nineties next to films like Unlawful Entry and Sleeping With The Enemy. It doesn't feel original at all, though, it's not a terrible movie and shouldn't put Di Nova from making more.

Running Time: 6

The Cast: 5

Performance: 6

Direction: 5

Story: 4

Script: 4

Creativity: 4

Soundtrack: 6

Job Description: 4

The Extra Bonus Point: 0

Would I buy the Blu-ray?: No.

44% 4/10

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