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Monster Trucks Review

Director: Chris Wedge.

I'm actually quite surprised Chris Wedge, the director who gave us the first Ice Age and Robots giving us his first live action family feature. Now it might have looked good on paper and could have possibly been better as an animated feature but this movie is a monster shame.

X-Men's Havoc, Lucas Till takes the lead role as disgruntled, unhappy teenage Tripp who works at the local scrapyard which also serves his hobby of building his own truck. Jane Levy impressed me earlier this year with Don't Breathe and it's hard to believe that they're both the same actress, here being the sweet yet geeky town girl who has a keen interest in Tripp.

It's a silly plot for a silly film but is too far fetched and weak with too many plot holes in surprised the film stayed together. Strange and undiscovered, intelligent creatures accidentally get released from their underground habitat. Feasting on oil and having an unlikely ability to power vehicles, basically a slimy horse with a metal shell.

There's a few surprises of a supporting cast with me thinking "oh look, it's so and so" but none help prop up the all-round poor performance. I actually wonder what convinced them to star in this film.

It must have been tricky to come up with a monster that's grotesque yet cute and friendly at the same in the end resembling a Jabba the Hutt with the characteristics of Toothless and E.T. Actually the films has some elements of both previously mentioned but more Iron Giant and Mac And Me.

The special effects were good, not perfect but served the film well enough. The stunt driving was impressive and offers the most fun in the story as the film lacked any real comedy value. The soundtrack is okay but nothing memorable from David Sardy.

It's possible this film was doomed from the beginning having problems with post-production that kept pushing the release dates back to well over a year. Even Nickelodeon had pulled out at one stage.

It's unfortunately a step backwards for Wedge and for everyone involved. This might be a film they could possibly want to forget about but, it actually serves a purpose and the much younger audiences actually seemed to enjoy it.

But I'm sorry Wedge, if the future of your live action films end up like this, I suggest sticking to the drawing board. It's brainless and more for the younger geeks among us.

Running Time: 4

The Cast: 6

Performance: 4

Direction: 3

Story: 3

Script: 3

Creativity: 4

Soundtrack: 4

Job Description: 2

The Extra Bonus Point: -5 for being a terrible idea, even for a kid's film.

Would I buy the Blu-ray?: no.

28% 3/10

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