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Keeping Up With The Joneses Review

Director: Greg Mottola.

So, Greg Mottola, director of Superbad, Adventureland and Paul, give us his first main feature since Paul, five years ago! But this time its about a suspicious married couple, the Joneses who move into a friendly, cosy cul-de-sac of suburban American, peaking the interest of nosy neighbours, the Gaffneys.

The Gaffneys played by Hangover's Alan, Zach Galifianakis (he's never going to be forgotten for that role) who looks amazing compared to the slob-of-a-man Alan was. He's the down-to-Earth kinda HR guy who's a push over, a good listener and enjoys home-brewing.

Isla Fisher, who been busy since her recent baby (hence why she wasn't in Now You See Me 2) plays his wife, the paranoid, stereotypical working-from-home wife who automatically suspects something amiss with their new neighbours which leads her on to investigate.

Jon Hamm, a good friend of Galifianakis, who I feel isn't such a big name over here in the UK plays Tim Jones, a supposedly successful travel writer who is actually more like Timothy Dalton's James Bond. Suave, confident and a dab-hand behind a wheel. (Hamm did a lot of the stunt driving for the film.)

And finally, Mrs. Jones, played by the stunning Gal Gadot who actually owes her role having come a long way from Fast & Furious' Gisele. She quite possibly wears the trousers in this house being quite the fearless femme fatale.

It's not far off this year's Central Intelligence, just with married couples put into unrealistic and awkward situations, involving some good quality action for a comedy. There's a few plot holes which is always expected and normally acceptable with these kind of comedies.

There's not that much else to say about this film, here's a couple of nice touches and some laugh out loud moments, mostly owed to Galifianakis, but this movie, though slightly entertaining, is weak, predictable and too long.

Unfortunately, it isn't as funny as Central Intelligence or as brilliant as last year's Spy. Have yet to watch Grimsby, but that will come soon.

Running Time: 5

The Cast: 7

Performance: 6

Direction: 7

Story: 6

Script: 5

Creativity: 6

Soundtrack: 5

Job Description: 5

The Extra Bonus Point: 0

Would I buy the Blu-ray?: No

52% 5/10

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