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Don't Breathe Review

Director: Fede Alvarez.

Evil Dead remake director, Fede Alvarez gives us the jumps in his house of terror of desolate Detroit. (Not seen the 'new' Evil Dead yet, but aware it was done with Sam Raimi's blessing, being a producer of the film.) Now this is a different breed of horror and don't assume you think you know what it's all about because believe me. You don't. (Unless you've already seen it of course)

What you should know, is that three would-be burglars break-in to a blind man's house in the hope of striking rich. Instead, hope is all they find as they become trapped and hunted by the blind man who is superbly played by Broadway superstar and Avatar Colonel, Stephen Lang. His looming presence and stature is terrifying, and being blind just adds to the tense atmosphere.

Evil Dead star (latest one again) Jane Levy takes the lead as Rocky, wanting to get out of Detroit for good and sees this as her great opportunity to do so, lead astray by her Boyfriend Money (Daniel Zovatto) and aided by her secret admirer Alex (Dylan Minnette.) All three are brilliant, though they look permanently shocked throughout, but you can't blame them as the shocks keep on coming.

There's none of this "why you going in there?" or "why would someone do that?" Like some horrors strive upon, instead this is just waiting for, or watching what happens next. You're not given much time to catch a breath, or even guess where it's going or think of solutions. And if you do, you'll get hit by a curve ball, like a hammer to the face. It's disturbing but moves too ferociously to allow it to sink-in.

Though seeming quite original, I can see some elements from other horrors, especially Cujo, and this was probably the worse part for me, but still, it really works and adds to the non-stop surprises. It's dark, twisted, sharp and brutal. Absolutely relentless and really isn't what you might imagine. Alvarez does an amazing roller-coaster of a horror ride. Amazing job on the editing, and I can only imagine the screenplay looking like an organised mess, it certainly feels a lot longer than 88mins and not in a bad way.

It isn't scary like the conventional horrors or slashers but incredibly jumpy. Eat your popcorn during the trailers, or put it somewhere out the way, otherwise you won't have any left in the box.

Running Time: 9

The Cast: 8

Performance: 9

Direction: 10

Story: 10

Script: 7

Creativity: 8

Soundtrack: 7

Job Description: 10

The Extra Bonus Point: 10 for being so unpredictable, shocking and original to a degree.

88% 9/10

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