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PopStar: Never Stop Never Stopping Review

Hmm, I think I'm missing something here or I'm late to the party because I don't get it. I'm only familiar with The Lonely Island's viral music videos like "I'm On A Boat" to which I'm not really a fan of either. I know this comedy trio isn't a complete write-off though because people like Jimmy Fallon and the Saturday Night Live crew were behind them, they've been about since the mid-2000s and Judd Apatow is one of the producers. However, it really isn't my kind of comedy.

It's a musical mockumentary which suddenly gave me flash-backs of David Brent but superbly involved music superstars like 50 Cent, Usher, DJ Khale, Naz and Ringo Star, either getting performances from Seal and Michael Bolton. P!nk, Akon, Adam Levine, Mariah Carey and even Simon Cowell, in fact there's so many it's quite impressive and hard to keep up.

We follow Connor4Real (Andy Samberg) who has to come to terms with the looming fact he's no longer the brand name of the pretentious music industry. The film documents his split from the original line-up of The Style Boyz and his relationship with remaining member DJ Owen (Jorma Taccone) and fallout with ex-member Lawrence (Schaffer, who both direct this movie.)

There's small parts galore which are borderline cameos excluding the musicians, Sarah Silverman, Joan Cusack, Maya Rudolph, Imogen Poots and even British Inbetweener James Buckley with the only other people worth mentioning is there manager Harry played by SNL regular Tim Meadows and Chris Redd who played the limelight stealing rapper, Hunter, echoing David Brent again.

It's a total parody of the current pop music world and while it has some great satire it failed to make me laugh out loud and I don't remember anyone else in screening did either. It's dragged for a short 87mins runtime but what I was impressed with was the silly songs and the set pieces that were were spot on.

I can only imagine fans of The Lonely Island will find this amusing I would recommend those to watch it and I'm interested to hear what they think. I can't knock their performances but for me, it was a waste of time and not something I would watch again. Just isn't my kind of comedy.

Running Time: 1

The Cast: 6

Performance: 6

Direction: 6

Story: 5

Script: 5

Creativity: 7

Soundtrack: 7

Job Description: 0

The Extra Bonus Point: 0

43% 4/10

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