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Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie *SPOILER ALERT* Review

Director: Mandie Fletcher.

Eddie and Patsy returns, the super smash hit comedy TV directed by British TV comedy director, Mandie Fletcher who directed a few of the 47 episodes spanning twenty years, a few of Desmond's, some Blackadder, loads of Brush Strokes and most recently, a couple of Miranda's.

Comedy extraordinaire Jennifer Saunders writes her first screenplay off the back of a £100,000 bet with partner in crime Dawn French, but apparently at page 35, the rest just reads "blah blah blah..." Actually showing her comedy brilliance. I do wonder if Frenchie paid up.

All the key characters are there, Press Gang's Julia Sawalha, inflatable wearing Jane Horrocks' Bubble, June Whitfield actually turning 90 during filming and Kathy Burke reprises her role as the outrageously demanding Magda. Singer superstar Lulu, Spice Girl Emma Bunton, Peep Show's Robert Webb and Glee's Chris Colfer joins the cast.

Joanna Lumley still looks incredible for 70 (sorry JL!) but 70! Wow! Her Patsy character has always been my favourite and she seems to gets the most laughs. Saunders reprises her Edina without fault and I sometimes find it hard to remember what she's like in real life, expecting her to be Eddie full time.

The film introduces a young Indeyarna Donaldson-Holness this possibly being her acting debut which unfortunately shows. She's not bad but isn't convincing. Little else is known about her and I wonder how she got the part of Saffy's daughter.

There's plenty of product placement and branding, cameos galore, more cameos than actually extras and cast I think, many of them from the fashion world that I don't particular acknowledge, oh! Stella McCarthy. Who I do know is Joan Collins, Graham Norton, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Jerry Hall and even Dame Edna and a Timmy Mallet plus many more! Having such a long list of regal cameos proves it's for the older fans as I doubt many of these silver stars would be recognised by a younger generation. Then again, there's some sweeties for the kids, Pitch Perfect and Bridesmaid Aussie star Rebel Wilson, who's a massive fan of AF and begged to be in the film before hitting her own stardom; and of course Game of Thrones' Brienne of Tarth, the mighty Gwendoline Christie.

As expected, it has a silly story and a funny script. Eddie, hitting an all time low, runs out of money, kills Kate Moss and earns the hatred of the fashion world. Resulting in the duo to elope to the French Riviera. Quite a lot happens in the long 90 minute run time and is a little, all over the place, even for a comedy.

Nothing much of a soundtrack, and I was expecting more but it does suit the TV series. Just shame as many of these TV-to-film seem to take advantage and give themselves a decent soundtrack album. Didn't even notice anything of Jake Monaco's score.

Just wasn't funny enough, but maybe that's just me as a couple of people in the packed out audience just couldn't stop laughing. It's starts on a roll and then loses traction. I think my one time laugh-out-loud moment was Saffy's short but beautiful cursing rant and Patsy's reaction. Joanna Lumley was absolutely fabulous darling!

Running Time: 4

The Cast: 8

Performance: 6

Direction: 6

Story: 5

Script: 3

Creativity: 4

Soundtrack: 4

Job Description: 3

The Extra Bonus Point: 0

43% 4/10

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