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Director: David O. Russell.

David O.Russell unites with Silver Linings cast (not forgetting American Hustle) to bring us a story inspired by a true legend and based loosely on Inventor and television salesperson Joy Mangano. He works his magic as he did with Silver Linings Playbook. Some who read up about the real life Joy, might be confused, put off or even annoyed as a lot has been fictionalised for dramatic effect. Putting that aside, it's a great story, the kind you hope is actually true. I can imagine it's captured the spirit well enough for Mangano to be happy with. Like some of his previous films he likes to have multiple characters and relationships without it becoming a mess. He actually films a messy situation and turns it into a film. Family altercations, lots of tears with a splashing of weirdness which many of us can probably relate to. It really is an all-star cast with the JLaw right on centre stage. She brilliantly conveys the feelings of frustration and contained anger as a result of continuous obstacles and failures set against her all the while she struggles to keep the peace with her whole disjointed family. Candyman's Virginia Madsen (yes, Michael's Sister) is superb as soap opera addicted, house bound mother, De Niro plays that stubborn, sometimes obnoxious father who gives fortune cookie like wisdom from time to time. Edgar Ramírez as her divorced husband stroke best friend; there's part of you that thinks they're gonna get it back on. Bradley Cooper was in danger of becoming a sleaze-ball but actually turns out to be nice guy. His sells pitch about himself is really good. And was that really Blue Velvet's Isabella Rossellini? Amazing! I have to mention Chinatown's Diane Ladd. As expected, it's well scripted with some great dialogue, especially between JLaw and Cooper. Diane Ladd's narrative kinda brings a fairytale touch to the film which makes it that more enchanting and inspiring. The soundtrack is excellent, creating classic scenes and depicting the mood so well. It's such a mixture too, Bee Gees, Lee Morgan, Bruce Springsteen and Cream to name a few. It's exactly what I was expecting and didn't feel mis-sold anything at all. JLaw cleans up amazingly well. Now where can I buy one of those miracle mops?

Running Time: 9

The Cast: 9

Performance: 9

Direction: 8

Story: 8

Script: 9

Creativity: 7

Soundtrack: 10

Job Description: 9

The Extra Bonus Point: 5 just for Jennifer Lawrence.

83% 8/10

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