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Deadpool *SPOILER ALERT* Review

Director: Tim Miller.

Deadpool is to Marvel what Ricky Gervais is to the Golden Globes. Disrespectful, rude yet totally, over exaggerated honesty. So honest it actually breaches the confides of true marvel script! The jokes and witty one liners aren't just outrageous, they're all out, out of character which are so quick you might actually miss the in/out-movie references. Ryan Reynolds was born to play Deadpool, yes having played him before, this time round it's better than better. Donning the iconic costume, I believe he's brought this Marvel character more to life than any other Marvel superhero. This isn't even his first time in a Marvel movie either besides Wolverine, remember Blade: Trinity? Mouth runner there too. TJ Miller is his usual unsurprising self, it's not like we're short of comedy value and Deadpool does outshine the rest of the characters but the film is all about him right? In fact, with the other characters, who don't actually do that much, makes a perfect reintroduction of Deadpool properly. The actual character himself being ultimately the most controversial super antihero ever to exist, I can't stop thinking he's Darkman with a real bad attitude but a prettier face. I mean really, his face isn't all that bad, just looks like an old Ted Danson after way too many sun beds. I think he should have been more gruesome, ill looking, after all they didn't hold back on his mouth.

Tim Miller, the director. Round of applause for his directorial main feature debut. Does a mighty fine job of it. He's not alien to directing nor comic book heroes but this really does put him on the screen! Opening and ending credits are outstanding. Really looking forward to seeing more from him. It's well paced, fully loaded with action however, the trailers do, as expected give quite a lot away. Though this doesn't discourage you into enjoying the film. There's still plenty of the only 100+ minutes to see and I suppose it's a great sign leaving you wanting to see more.

Is it a Marvel movie? Like none other, fresh, bold, unforgiving and funny, it certainly breaks the mould, the fourth wall! Too cocky maybe? There's a lot of cock references in the movie and MAJOR SPOILER ALERT!!: you get a glimpse of Deadpool's tool. There's plenty of boobs too. F-Bombs galore, blood and body counts similar to a John Woo boiled movie. This all makes it definitely one of my favourite Marvel Movies.

Running Time: 9

The Cast: 9

Performance: 8

Direction: 9

Story: 9

Script: 9

Creativity: 9

Soundtrack: 7

Job Description: 10

The Extra Bonus Point: 10 for just being a Deadpool movie, it's what he would have wanted.

91% 9\10

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